None of what we do is possible without creative, like minded individuals and a staff that love the idea of delivering great experiences. We’re about building more than just restaurants, we're looking to build lifelong 
careers with the right people. If you LOVE to interact with people, enjoy working hard and proud of what you do, please consider our company of restaurants. We offer flexible hours, high pay, all in a fun team environment. You will meet wonderful clients as well as make great friends.  Working at TRC has it's benefits! 

*There's a concept that fits your lifestyle
*The service provided to guests is exceptional which translates to great earnings potential
*The food is delicious, and you receive a 40% discount on food - all of the time!
*The work environment is beautiful
*Employee incentives

Pride, Urgency and doing the right thing. We take pride in everything that we do and expect our staff to do the same. 

Great food is non-negotiable. We love every dish that we prepare and insure that it is delicious and beautiful. 

We Believe in Legendary Customer Service. 

Clean and organized "Mis en place".  By having a spotlessly clean restaurant and everything in its place we put our guests and staff at ease.

Teach, lead and learn...and then learn some more. We believe that employees need a challenging, cultured environment to grow and be happy.

We strive to be innovative and change quite often to improve our operation. 


We love your feedback. Send us a note!

Need to yell at us or praise us? Have an idea or recipe you'd like to see? We love feedback; it's how we get better.